Digital/multimedia poems (selection) - not Australian

Here is a selection that might inspire you, including flash, hypertext and video poems.


Contemporary UK poet Peter Howard has produced a number of flash poems

(For Peter's humorous take on "Poetry and Subatomic Particles", see the link in Digital poetics (other).

A profile of Peter can be found at Word Circuits.)


John Cayley, Where the Sea Stands Still. Click on the banner picture at the top to generate the lines of the poem. (This appears on the programmatology-shadoof link which Deb Matthews-Zott posted to the group, a site which contains lots of other examples of digital poetry and criticism.)


Deena Larson, "Stained Word Window" (at Wordcircuits)


Millie Miss, "The Dancing Rhinoceri of Bangladesh" (at Wordcircuits)


Clark Lunberry, Murmur of Words (2008-9)