David Delaney

This is how David introduced himself to the Facebook group:


G'day all, my name is David J Delaney (feel free to google) I class myself as just an average bloke who just over 3 years ago discoverd I could write poetry, bush poetry to be more precise, I had never put pen to paper before this & actually was 15 when I reached grade 8 & stayed for 3 months before heading to the workforce.


I have never had any formal education in writing & basically all I have learnt I have taught myself. Although my Aussie bush poetry is my heart & soul I have recently been enjoying other forms of poetry eg, November last year I read Shakespeares sonnets for the 1st time in my life & love them, I googled how to & what is a sonnet & have written a number now, though I like to have a Aussie feel about them, my war related poems have been very popular being published by many RSL clubs & read at ANZAC day commemorations including Villers-Bretonneux, ANZAC day 2008.


I have self published 2 chapbooks with a 3rd very soon to be released in America, so I would like to share 2 of my sonnets & I hope you all enjoy.

Sonnet no.3

Snowy Mountain Blood

He views the brumbies fleeing down the hill
while now he’s chasing, closing at great pace.
And knowing that one slip out here could kill,
he can’t afford a tumble or lose face.
The cracking stockwhip sounded as he cheered
it echoed through the valley far below.
These Queensland mountains many have revered,
though riders died when footings lost would throw.
remembers how the man rode snowy’s side,
his father told the story long ago.
And how his heart beat hard with so much pride,
it was his Granddad dealt the best a blow.
He fronts the mob and halts them with one crack!
now with them all defeated, drives them back.

David J Delaney
27/11/2009 ©

Sonnet no. 5


New morning sun brings forth her warming rays
while dying leaves drift gently to the ground.
Approaching winter soon will dampen days,
when ice will hang from barren trees abound.
Korea’s changing beauty I have seen,
penned every scene for all the world to read.
I miss so much your sparkling eyes of green,
while for your love, my heart again will bleed.
The freezing snow will cover all that lives
I hope I will survive this daily fight.
A priest once said that Jesus Christ forgives,
though what I do, he could not see as right.
My helmet sits upon my weary head ─
My rifle, now replaces pencil lead.

David J Delaney
27/12/2009 ©

For my Uncle, Lawrence George Delaney, 1st Battalion RAR, who fought in Korea.


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