Elizabeth Lhuede

Elizabeth Lhuede
Elizabeth Lhuede

Elizabeth, the creator of both the "Teaching & Writing Australian Poetry in the 21st Century" group on Facebook and of this website, currently teaches fiction writing for NSW TAFE (Oten). She has only ever submitted a handful of poems for publication, a couple of which were picked up by literary magazines (Southerly and Imago).


  • Silencing, a protest poem which led to many subsequent years of silence, was published in Southerly.

  • Autumn Matrix is included here because of its visual experimentation. (Could work as a flash poem?). It appeared in the Macquarie University Creative Writers Collective publication, In Limbo, which Elizabeth co-edited.


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Elizabeth is happy for her poems to be used and remixed by anyone creating multimedia poetry under a Creative Commons licence (attribution, non-commercial use). If you do use either poem, please let her know via elhuede[at]gmail[dot]com.


For more information on finding and using other people's work through a Creative Commons license, see here.


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