Joe Dolce

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supplied by poet

Joe has had a diverse range of award-winning songs, including Gift from One Iraqi Child, Marching With Martin Luther King Jr, and Hill of Death recorded by over fifty international artists. He is also the co-creator with writer, Lin Van Hek, of the unique literary performance group, DifficultWomen and has transformed more than 100 poems into songs, including works by Sappho, Sylvia Plath, CP Cavafy, Langston Hughes and Judith Wright.


His recording of Shaddap You Face has held the record for the most successful Australian produced single recording in Australian music history for over three decades.


Joe's poem, "Bogong Moth", appeared in the December 2009 issue of Island magazine.

Essays & Books

Joe's book of poetry, Hatbox, is tempered with humorous reflections on blowflies, baldness and Bob Dylan. He explores the themes of death of parents, loss of childhood and early love, solitude, spiritual enquiry and changing eroticism.

  • Hatbox: Poems (Griffin Press)
  • Iron Hans(el): A Refutation of Robert Bly (essay)
  • The Warrior, the Wound and Woman-Hate: The Politics of Softfear (essay)

Solo Recordings


The Wind Cries Mary


Steal Away Home

Memoirs of a Mouth Organ

Shaddap You Face

Joe's poem: Poe's Crow

‘Poems are a strain to make out.’  Fanny Brawne


Poe said poetry

should sing like Swinburne

not sting like sunburn.

The Crow only perched

on that bust of Ted Hughes

to catch its breath.


© Joe Dolce

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