Komninos Zervos

Komninos Zervos
Komninos Zervos

Komninos provided this profile, photo and these links to the group. (The lack of capitals is his style.)

komninos, poet, has been professionally poeting since 1985, taking his poetry to schools, community groups, hotels, music venues, prisons, coffeelounges and universities, radio and television and now the internet. he has published two adult collections of poetry with the university ...of queensland press; komninos, 1991, and komninos by the kupful, 1995; a collection of poetry for children illustrated by peter viska and published by oxford university press, the baby rap and other poems,1992; and a hard cover illustrated children’s picture book published by harper/collins, high street, kew east, 1991.

in 1992 komninos received the australian human rights award for literature and in 1993 was awarded the australia council's ros bower award for outstanding achievement in community arts.

in 1995 komninos completed a masters of arts in creative writing at the university of queensland, he authored a cd-rom of cyberpoetry for his dissertation.

in 1997 komninos travelled to london to be writer in residence at artec a multimedia training and resource centre in islington where he authored a cd-rom, cyberpoetyry underground.

komninos convened the CyberStudies major, at the School of Arts, Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus from 1999 to 2007.

komninos now resides in melbourne where he has resumed the role of performance poet.


His website


His cyperpoetry site which he maintained from 1996-2005.


Essays on poetry.


A 3D journey through the London underground, in animated #D text.


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