Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca drawing in Trowalun with friends*
Rebecca drawing in Trowalun with friends*

Rebecca Edwards is a poet and visual artist who lives in the Adelaide Hills with her husband and baby daughter. She has written three books of poetry:

  • Holiday Coast Medusa, Five Islands Press 2002. This is the first in a trilogy of verse novels revisiting the myth of Medusa.


Rebecca's poem 'Night is the Smell of Burning' won the 1999 Arts Queensland Award for Unpublished Poetry. In 2001 her collection Scar Country was short-listed for the Arts Queensland Judith Wright Calanthe Award and the New South Wales Poetry Prize.


In 2004 Rebecca co-edited an award-winning anthology of Indigenous poetry and illustrations, Crow Feathers, Black Ink Press. Her first novel for young adults, The River Sai, was published by UQP in 2007 (reviewed here). She has had solo exhibitions of her drawings, prints and found-object sculptures in Tokyo, Brisbane and Townsville. She is currently writing a novel and looking for a publisher for her next collection of poetry.


Rebecca has taught writing, journal-making and illustration to people between the ages of four and 84, in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. Teaching poetry and art - that is, building confidence and working with others to bring out their talents and voice - is the most satisfying part of her work.


Rebecca is happy for her work to be remixed by others, so long as her contribution is acknowledged.


Her poems can be found at the following links:


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Poetry reviews of her work:

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Read here Rebecca's take on what it means to be a contemporary Australian poet.

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* Photo by Hazel Trebilco, used with poet's permission