Video poems/songs (Australian)

Should the lyrics of songs be considered poetry? Should the lyrics of songs be considered without the music, the video, the performance? What about readings of poems on video? Does the context of the media delivery affect our response to the poem? Does it create a new text?


Some song performances are every bit as moving, complex and layered as much poetry. A couple of the members of the group are singer-songwriter-poets and I have included a small sample of their work here.


Others have had their poetry readings made into video:


ABC's pool site has been a source for creative collaboration between video makers and poets:

  • Here's a fun poem by the "Naked Cyclist" animated by Sean Scott: Princely Musings
  • Scott also animated this poem, "Darkness", by "Felidae."


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*I am awaiting Emma Donovan's permission to showcase some of her work here.